Why Promises are Meant to be Broken?


Sometimes pleasing another person is too painful, once that you made a promise it’s only a one way affair for the benefits of one’s own personal interest. The word “promise” is the most crucial word that you may be fall on the ground and all of a sudden you will be alone on the crossroads because your heart was broken.

The person you care only said nice things and made all those promises because at that precise moment he just need you; he knew if he does not said the magic word, “promise” his own dreams collapse, and afterwards he never even bother what you will feel, that’s how selfish people act. They care, yes, but only a few people they will give it because loving someone is just an option.

The hardest part, some of the people act like this is for their own convenience. And, if you look around they are too consumed that they offer more but in reality it doesn’t match on the sacrifices you made for him.

Pain is the most inevitable form of human suffering, the more experience you have, sometimes there are two things that will happen to you either you fight or you fall, but if you choice to fight you will never doubt yourself, you will stand still that the only person that can help you is yourself and no one else.

Conquering and embracing pain you gain self-respect and confidence about yourself that no one can ever hurt you not unless you wanted them even a bit of space to hurt you, again and again.

Sometimes loving yourself is your independent and a swift victory of your freedom. Like a little bird when their parents let them flew and find his own path and search for the food and shelter that he needs to stay for a while, afterwards once he gain the experience he will be wiser than ever.

bird 2 bird eat

Love is not finding someone else or longing to have someone else. Love is finding your own self and to liberate yourself that it will not depend on someone. Loves yourself more and follow your destiny that you alone can uncover it. Then, the word, “promise” it just a word and it was design to be broken.


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