LAST RAINDROP: An Account on Super Typhoon Yolanda’s Philippine tragedy

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Philippines: The aftermath of Super Typhoon Yolanda. Photo credit:

The sound of raindrops when in falls on the ground was the best sound that I heard; calm and soothing, it brings serenity to the place.   

Once rains people in the street pause for a while to grab a temporary shelter, streets become vividly clear except for a few children who wanted to play on the rain falls that every drop that flows in their body is like cleansing a soul.

I wander if the raindrops can clean one’s sin or can change people how they think whether good or bad! Maybe, we live in a world peacefully.

Every raindrops, the trees and flowers smile, and the birds humming, they’re enjoying the company of rains happy to be reunited.

In a while, they felt freedom from the people’s cruelty, and for a moment at least they survived and can re-think on how they are going to win the war between them; the nature and the people.

Sometimes nature was his own way of revenge; for people consumed greediness and control of the nature: mountains, trees, animals, etc. but when the right time comes suddenly nature explode in any form, people took them by surprise even warnings are present, unexpected outcome prevail.

People kill nature, and nature kills people. It makes no difference. It’s a survival. In the end, who will survive?

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