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In year 2010, Lakwatserang Pinay take a daring and fearless move to become a solo traveler with intense realism of what life is and to live an adventure journey from street to summit, to face danger for an endless battles to curve the spirit, and grip your life to be completely free even to a point of continually burning your worst and unrelenting painful experience in life.

A real learning and lesson on how not to lose your faith, and never lose touch of yourself.

Sometimes, the pain of losing is the discovery of “who you are” to uncover the unknown through your journey as an individual we have our own unique experiences and thus we choice to live our life differently.

Lakwatserang Pinay will take you through her  journey as she “celebrate life without boundaries.”

About the blogger:

Fely Araojo undergraduate degree Bachelor of Human Behavior and Technology (Psychology) at PUP (Polytechnic University of the Philippines). She obtained her MBA (Master in Business Administration) at Adamson University. In year 2010 she works as HR Specialist in Chemonics International, Inc. under USAID project. She had a one year (2012-2013) of Bachelor in Laws at Arellano University School of Law. Presently, an HR Manager in NGO (Non-Governmental Organization),

Fely has an interest in photography, mountaineering, running and creative writing, and dreaming to climb Mt. Everest as her last bucket list.

Additional info:
E-mail: felyaraojo@yahoo.com
Like on FB: http://www.facebook.com/lakwatsangpinay
Follow on twitter: @LakwatsangPinay

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