A One Dollar Journey


Singapore President Tony Tan Keng Yam



Singapore President Tony Tan Keng Yam

Sometimes the more you plan what you will do the next day it may cancel or change due to unavoidable reasons. And, I learn to appreciate instead to have an open itinerary although prior planning is required but the more I don’t follow my plan the more I become flexible.

On 2nd November 2013, in Philippines this is the most important day to commemorate our departed loved ones but since I’m away I have to celebrate it differently, although I offer prayers to my loved ones and ask them for guidance.

While walking at the popular street of Orchard Road in Singapore I was fortunate that “Istana” (Palace in Malay) the official residence and office of the President of Singapore, and also the working office of the Prime Minister of Singapore has announced an open house to celebrate (Indian) Deepavali Festival, and my ticket is S$1 entrance fee that changed my ordinary journey.

As I head on to Istana and walk around myself, my first thought it was not true but it’s real, I was amazed and it was truly a different experience that I’m one of the people who wanted to take part to celebrate “Deepavali” and to my surprise I captured Singapore’s President Tony Tan.

Sometimes to get you moving forward and chase your dreams you need an inspiration coming from successful and powerful people who contributed to make a difference in their life and country. And seeing almost face to face Singapore President Tony Tan has moved me to be inspired and re-assess myself where I wanted to be, a truly inspiring experience that changed my ordinary journey to be an “extraordinary journey”.

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