My Dreadlocks by Dready Dread King

A long, black and shiny hair is a symbol of being a woman, that your appearance should conform to the dictate of the society but conforming to the norms I felt being restricted to express who I am. I have been travelling in/out of the Philippines I observed travellers and backpackers that they express themselves of who they are.

Then, while I am roaming around the street of Sampaloc, Manila I found myself in King’s Dreadlocks Shop. I am ready to break free. I wanted to have a new hairstyle a “Dreadlocks.”

My dreadlocks, is my new hair statement to reinvent and liberate myself. A feeling of being bold and taking the risk is real and not to stay safe, and breaking free to my comfort zone. My new hairstyle is very significant to me because this is my husband dream to have a dreadlocks that’s why he let his hair grows but because he can’t do it anymore, I took this as an opportunity for me to experience a Dreadlocks and afterwards, as I saw my new hair I did not liberate myself instead it was a liberation of my heart and soul.

If you want to have the best Dreadlocks, I highly recommend King. This guy has an explosive passion in every person he does a Dreadlocks and he play fair because the price is very affordable with a great quality.

My Dreadlocks is open strands with bangs by:

Dready Dread King
Philippine Dreadlocks Society
Address: 1074 Crisostomo Street, Sampaloc Manila
Mobile: +639277583860

My Dreadlocks by Dready Dread King

My Dreadlocks by Dready Dread King

Before and After.

Before and After.

Starting on my Dreads.

Starting on my Dreads.

Almost there.

Almost there.

I like ny hai

My new hair, a new ME.




7 thoughts on “My Dreadlocks by Dready Dread King

  1. Boss magkanu pa dreads sa salon niyo po??? D masyado mahaba to tpoa mushroom cut mga 6 inches hair lng po ito…


    • nako brod wag kna mgpagawa jan k king.. di maayos gumawa at bara bara.. jan dn ako mgpagawa nung una pro di nmn locs yung ginawa sa buhok ko 1 week plng kalas na.. sayang pera at oras ko.. at sinisisi pa nya buhok dhil straight at madulas daw.. nkakatawa diba tpos nya ng gawin tpos sasabihin nya ganun.. magsisisi ka lng kung jan ka papagawa.. dhyon dready ng bulacan umayos ng buhok.. search mo nlng


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