Strengthened the FAITH: SFC ICON 2018

Singles For Christ (SFC) one the family ministry of Couples For Christ (CFC) gathered together to much-awaited and highly participated 3-day event entitled, “SFC ICON 2018” celebrates there silver anniversary with the theme “RELENTLESS” from February 16 to 18, 2018 at Circuit, Makati City.

One of their workshop; talks about basis Catechism, on this workshop there are roughly 1,000 attendees at National Shrine on Our Lady of Guadalupe held at Orense St. Guadalupe Nuevo, Makati City last February 17, 2018.

The highlights of the workshop; a journey to the Word of GOD, participants reflect on the Gospel of Matthew 25:31-40 talks about works of mercy. Here are some of the SFC Icon 2018 participants moving reflections:


“I AM the King, an everlasting LIFE”
– SFC Antipolo and SFC Cebu

“Jesus Christ welcome us as His children”
– SFC Icon participants

“Blessed are those who are not righteous as they are not hungry for power but thirsty for GOD. Amen”
– SFC Australia

“We may be separated by culture, divided by islands, but the righteous one has gathered everyone to blessed those in need and invited the least”
– SFC Pola and SFC Central A – 20

“As we love ourselves, we must prepare to give what we have and be able to do with others”
– SFC Cebu and SCF Cagayan

“Yes, YOU are a stranger, prisoned to worldly sins, but we are sons and daughters of GOD.
You need not to be separated, we are here for YOU, together we will visit the Kingdom of GOD”
– SFC Team Compassionate
(Rachel de Guia/Maica Tadul/Tin Padilla/Camilled Erese/Grace Genzola/Jethel Musi)

“The angel that inherits righteousness is separated from the strangers who thirst for glory”
– SFC Bukidnon

“The majestic Shepherd welcomes the least to inherit His Kingdom”
– SFC (Carl/Lori/Joy/Tet/Marian/Elvie/Dindi/Jen/Bless

“The Shepherd blessed the nation who give and visit the sick, the hungry, the stranger and in prison”
– SFC (Niezel/Rio/Dana/Lala/Darwin/Melvin/Frecel/Ian/marco)

“We need to be righteous and separate ourselves from sins, so we can help the sick and the least for us to receive our Heavenly inheritance when the time has come”
– SFC CC4A and SFC Dipolog

“Did you give least separate time as gathered nations?”
– SFC (Jaggy and JR)

“Blessed are those who did welcome to the Kingdom of GOD, like sheep to pastures, strangers and the hungry, for they will inherit GOD’s grace”
– SFC (Sharon/Diamond/Hazel/karl/Kyna/Mitch/Chen/Louie/Red)

“You are blessed to blessed – come to me, you will never be thirsty and separated from my LOVE”
– SFC (Rommel/Ronald/Cris/Glen/Maita)

“Blessed are those shepherds who prepare drinks to the least strangers who are thirsty, where they will be called righteous done”
– SFC St. Francis Chapter, Metro Manila

“Bless are those strangers who are hungry for they are righteous and united with GOD”
– SFC Bulacan Chapter and SFC West A


This season of Lent, lets journey to the road of holiness. Here are more reflections on Matthew 25:31-40


“There is no least nor stranger in GOD’s Kingdom,
we all come as One Family and we are all blessed”

“Blessed by the Shepherd,
Strangers eat like Brothers”

“Whatever wisdom we inherit, for the Lord, it is a foundation of Glory”

“The throne of GOD is the truth and foundation of this world not only for those blessed but also to the least shepherd who follows His ways”

“When the righteous foundation gathers those separated, least, hungry and strangers,
they inherit the throne”

“The Glorious King invited the thirsty stranger”

“The King will come to visit the least like strangers and prisoners,
separate and feed them to become righteous”

“The hungry and naked stranger, cared by the ONE who is blessed”

“Those who did answer to the least and the hungry will find glory in His Kingdom”

“The glorious King invited thirsty strangers to partake in his inheritance to build a strong foundation”

“GOD sent his Angel to the prison
who is thirsty for the TRUTH
to REKINDLE his righteous talent of a servant”

“Our answer to the Shepherd’s calling, we welcome stranger people
to be his righteous followers”

“Like the Shepherd who gathered the sheep,
we have a mission to clothe and give mercy to others
to inherit the Kingdom of GOD”

“Whenever we feel like we’re strangers,
being the least and contempt,
someone above the throne already gave his LOVE and
welcomes us to his KINGDOM”


This season Lent let’s us all observe PRAYER, FASTING/ABSTINENCE and WORKS OF MERCY.

May all our journey to deepen our faith and embrace the cross of Jesus Christ.

God Bless!
Lakwatserang Pinay

Photo credit to the owner for the use in the “featured image” of this article (grab in the website).

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