The Installation: Journey of Service to GOD

September 28, 2017, feast day of San Lorenzo Ruiz (ng Manynila) a Filipino saint who became a martyr after his execution in Japan in 17th century.  San Lorenzo is patron saint of the Catechist.

This day (September 28 at 6:00PM) during the Volunteer Catechists’ Commissioning Mass at the National Shrine of the Sacred Heart, Makati City will mark a journey of service to God, I am one of the 34 volunteers who responded a resounding YES to the call to become a Catechist. Our installation happened, the gratefulness of God as HE absolutely moves mysteriously and with perfection in touching my hearts. I felt an overwhelming joy as it never lingers in my my dreams nor crosses my mind that I will be serving God in this way bringing the Word of God to the children.

Volunteer Catechist of National Shrine of the Sacred Heart, Makati City

As I look back seven years ago, the unfortunate events that transpired in my life and shaken my trust and faith to God, but this moment I was standing in front of Him saying my Pledge of Commitment:

This is the pledge that I humbly profess to God in the Church
through the guidance of the Holy Spirit in Christ Jesus our Lord. Amen”

at the Back is the image of San Lorenzo Ruiz, after the installation/commissioning Mass

Every words of commitment moved me to cry because at that precise moment I am His humble servant without reservation, and to serve Him faithfully. Truly, God has plan for me, He open wide the narrow roads; well lighted to be able to receive Him with full graciousness.

When you fully surrender to Him without an inch of doubt, He will never leave you. He is always in my side, with all the hardship and sorrow he rewarded me of an everlasting bliss and joy in His refuge.

This is the beginning of being a servant of God as a Catechist. To God be the Glory.

With Sis Cecille both of us are also a member of Legion of Mary.

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