When Pain Is All Around

The word “pain” is the hardest feeling that will pierce your heart. This will sometimes takes you to fall down. For every memories that you remember, you wanted to choose the happiest moments and yet, your mind is playing tricks on you, that all painful memories clasp on the side streets of your mind.

Suddenly, the feeling of an outburst of crying sparks at the moment, and reset is not an option. Whatever it takes “pain” is just a feeling, and most of the times when embrace it, somehow, the tendency is to accept it as part of failure in life.

When the feeling of pain is into the heart, is not the end of everything, its only the beginning of every chapter of beautiful life journey, for every pain an experience blooms, whether to move three steps backward or move one step forward is a choice.

Dreaming and pain is a fine line of faith, miracles and outpouring blessing is a given surprise, the gift to surrender everything to HIM, Jesus Christ as the driver and Mary as the navigator, and I am just the passenger.

When, I choice to step fall forward, everything change. This brought me to many places in the Philippines, Malaysia, Vietnam, Singapore, Thailand, Cambodia. As I travel, what glued on my mind is the learning experience that I acquired including the unrelenting pain which drives me to dream high as the mountain peaks I ascended like Mt. Kinabalu in Malaysia, Mt. Apo in Davao, the enchanted but dangerous Mt. Mayon in Bicol, and the list goes on.


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