My Beloved PUP

A great way to define “who you are now” is to bring back the memories of your College days. It may seems so odd but it was a resounding YES.  Where I am now, is the product that I graduated from a State University, PUP (Polytechnic University of the Philippines). My degree in Psychology brought me to many of my successes in my life, there are no small or big success, there is only SUCCESS depending on how we interpret.

It was mid-afternoon to rekindle with my college friends the fond memories was good to hear even you sometimes forget some of your classmates (an amnesia strikes!). A great way to share a doze of laughter and reminiscing the past memories, and somewhat it will surprise you.

14141988_1421243014558963_5665063013939983038_n IMG_3980

Some have gone, some have to explore to other countries, some have stay.  Whatever our choices our college foundation defy us; how far we reach our own individual journey in life.

PUP my Alma mater is one of the best experience who contributed a lot, molded me the way I analyzed things. A smart foundation that I am always thankful to my beloved school, PUP.



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