Less is More. Nothingness is Bliss.


In this millennium age, being fast is on top of the line. Sometimes, we wanted to control everything in our daily life. We never stop until we get what we want, and always chasing for a perfect life without causing us to suffer.

As I recount on my memories, I have a blissful life even in the midst of my adversity when darkness folds on 15th August 2010, Day of Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary, it was a day of joy and sorrow but, my heavy mind I misunderstood God’s message on me . He took away abruptly my husband in two months old of my marriage life.

It took me four years to unravel; I’m carrying a heavy loads of guilt, doubt, and emptiness still inside my heart. On 10th September 2014, I found myself stood still in St. John Bosco Parish, Makati City. I was inside his house. I declare a complete surrender on him. The loads I’m carrying was starting to spill over as my tears heavily flowing. I muttered, he never left me alone in my journey instead I’m the one who left and ignore him in my life.

I wanted a revenge on him, in my mind, God was unfair on his judgement not to spare the life of my husband. I plead. I beg but I found myself standing 10 feet below the ground.

But, I felt a gentle embrace in the mantle of Blessed Virgin Mary. I become part of Legion of Mary. It was unexpected experience, when I surrender to him and ask for his forgiveness, that “any bitterness  or anger must be far removed from me, as God forgave me, and I forgave myself.” The help of his Mother Mary an overflowing joy drives my life even a difficult situation arises in different angle in my life.

My faith keeps me moving forward. I never stop praising and thanking him and his beloved Mother Mary for the outpouring blessing and miracles come along my journey. The unconditional love is the greatest gift that I treasure.

As, “I learned that it is not adding more that will lead to satisfaction but, it is actually subtracting the imprints in my mind’s world that will be the start of my true fulfillment. Less is more. Nothingness is bliss.” — Reggie Ofrin, Manila Meditation.

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