When The Days Past By!

when the days past by 2

The moment of meeting someone, you sometimes felt an unexpected anxious feeling. You treasure every moment but the memory of yesterday lingers on you, and afraid to let go of the memories of someone you love.

Losing was so painful because it was a separation for both of you, the most devastating event in your life that darkness folds your dreams.

There are questions that you may not be able to understand; found yourself writing in thin air, you have no idea; why? You just felt to express your suppressed feelings; afterwards, you become comfortable because you knew you are too fragile and vulnerable.

You grasp your feeling, it takes some time to convince yourself that you are alone, as you realized you pick-up your self-confidence, head-up high even you felt unrelenting pain in your wrecked heart.

Moving forward is the only choice left for you; sometimes you will felt the physical tiredness of your body, but emotionally, its crushing your soul.

Sometimes, you are on a look-out for someone to listen to your stories the excess baggage that you cannot easily afford to unload.

Then, point of needing will pass-by since you already survived day-by-day. Thus, you are teaching yourself to overcome a difficult situation that only yourself can heal your agony. There are people will teach you, some may have an impact but there are some non-sense advice.

On your stillness the decision is yours, what makes you a better person as “who you are” now dictates by your free act. A choice of freeing yourself; to embrace victory with high hopes, appreciating pain is part of life challenges. Faith will restore your spirit. Your life will sustain an everlasting bliss in the most serene place on earth to be with the nature, God haven place.

when the days past by



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