The Mystery of Living Rosary

IMG_1813St. John Bosco Parish, Makati celebrates the last day of Living Rosary on 31 October 2015 facilitated by Legion of Mary, to make it memorable for every recitation of Joyful mystery formed a large rosary made of candles and flowers.

001 mama maryEvery mystery of the rosary symbolizes our life. The Joyful mystery is our triumph of joy. The Glorious mystery is to bring us the victory of life, we have been successful in our career, family and finding a true love but sometimes the Sorrowful mystery is the hardest part, pain outweigh Joy and Glorious. The Sorrowful mystery is where we tend to doubt our life because of adversity. It’s where we questions our relationship with God, the painful experience especially loss of our love ones but in every pain there is a Light mystery that we open ourselves to him and accept him again, everything that happen to your life is not an accident. If we continue our life that we center our love with God and have faith on him that everything that you wished is always on God’s time.


Fr. Dex, Parish Priest of St. John Boco, Makati

For every joy in your life it comes darkness unfold your sorrowful life but at the end of the tunnel, the light is waiting for you to see the beauty of life beyond sorrow and joy because with God every moment of your life is glorious.


Members of Legion of Mary, St. John Bosco, Makati

seat of wisdow

Seat of Wisdom, one of the presidia of Legion of Mary in St. John Bosco, where I am actively involved.


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