Walk The Faith In Your Heart

oDSC_3651 (2)

September 13, 2015, Tayuman, Manila, I found myself at the right time and at the right moment, as I went to Archdiocesan Shrine of Espiritu Santo with the group of PCLM (Philippine Catholic Lay Mission) for a Church Talk. A new installation of Rector and Parish Priest will be celebrated on that day to be officiated by Cardinal Tagle, Archdiocese of Manila and almost 30 Priest from various Parishes attended the event. The new Rector and Parish Priest to be installed is Fr. Wilmer R. Rosario, I was astonished because I vividly remember him because he is the Priest who solemnized my wedding and my husband former colleague during their seminary days.

DSC_3610 (2)

Fr. Wilmer, new Rector & Parish Priest of Archdiocesan Shrine of Espiritu Santo with Cardinal Tagle, Archdiocese of Manila

DSC_3648 (2) DSC_3647 (2)

A lot of familiar faces that I witness on that day. Three of the Priest are former colleague of my husband, Giovanni Concha aside from Fr. Wilmer, Fr. Mark Mundo and Fr. Jay Laguerda was present including the two Priest that I met in Our Lady of Guadalupe Minor Seminary who officiated the last mass for my husband before his final send-off at the Loyola Memorial Cemetery in Quezon City, Fr. Leo and Fr. Habos.

DSC_3717 (2)

I’m actually almost near with Fr. Leo and Fr. Habos but I decided not to introduce myself because I felt an overwhelming happiness that seeing them in this special events is enough for me, that once they been part of my husband life before he bid goodbye permanently to his earthly life.

After more than five years my trail of faith brought me to witness a ceremony; an installation of new Rector and Parish Priest. I choose to remain one of the church-goer witnesses on Fr. Wilmer’s installation but the different is I got a change to cover the event when I approached one of the staff of Radio Veritas.

DSC_3700 (2)

The laughter strike when Cardinal Tagle mentioned #AlDub during his Homily.

DSC_3661 (2) DSC_3716 (2)

The joy that I felt in this precise moment capturing them beyond my lens, I examine myself, where I am now? when that unfortunate event struck in my life! And it was an affirmation for me, I survived the most devastating events in my life. I walk the faith in my heart, he carries me when I need it most, and he never stop guiding me along my journey.

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