A Trail of Faith

Mama Mary2

8 September, 2015 is the celebration of the feast of nativity of the Blessed Virgin Mary. For many Catholics one of the most celebrated occasion to commemorate the birthday of our one and only Mother in the whole world, Mama Mary.

Mama Mary1

As I celebrate this special day, I went to St. Vincent de Paul Parish Manila which the main image in the altar is the Miraculous Medal. I took time to spend a two hour to be communed with her. As a member of Legion of Mary, I always wore the miraculous medal not just a symbolism of her but as my reminder to myself that I’m still in the labyrinth of deepening my faith.

Mama Mary3

Sometimes, as a person our faith has been shaken because of the earthly things that we desire to satisfied ourselves and even loss of our dear ones, loss of job, and loss of hope.

10 September 2015, I celebrate my one year anniversary as a Legionary. This is the day when I say yes to her. My spiritual life took by storm on that very precise moment of miracles as I went to visit St. Bosco Parish Makati. After hearing the mass and followed by a Perpetual Help Novena, and I was about to leave the place. The passage went blank I cannot found the exit and I follow the trail of the church which I cannot explain what happen, after rounding the church in my surprise the passage was so clear, I’m still composing my senses what happen but before I can do that there are two woman approached me and said “would you like to join the Legion of Mary?” A flashback in my mind, way back in my childhood I am a member of Junior Legion of Mary. So many things happen in the past and I already forgot that Legion of Mary is still exist?

I remember the Priest said “once a legionary you will always remain a legionary.” Mama Mary has her own way to call you, and all you have to do is to open your heart set aside your own preferences in life, even you are still in the midst of adversity.

And being a Legionary, I have learn not to understand things but to accept first whatever happens to your life journey whether you felt sorrow and joy. I have to continue the journey of faith. A trail that most of the times it becomes a labyrinth that you cannot find the end of the road. The trail of faith is something that I have to continue on.

Mama Mary4



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