A One’s Journey

vicor days

The memories of the past will keep you moving forward or backward or you remain stood still. The happiness and painful yesterdays are the choices available for you to decide but you made some detour, you took five steps forward  because you never fear to risks, and you take some time analyzing those decision until you didn’t notice your been a bit long romancing the changes for being brave, and what’s left for you is to take some drastic action because the reality of life was too harsh.

Life is not a big joke. Life is Life. Sacrificing life for your spouse, family, work, friends, relatives for them to appreciate you; that you are happy with your decision in life because you have shown them your unconditional love, support and understanding.

Those where the days of the past, it’s too impossible to revert back but remembering you without regrets and acknowledge you that you live the fullest of your life on your journey, and to reciprocate the kind of love you impart and giving it back without any expectation.

The scar on our hearts will never be heal because “a one’s journey is entirely different from the other.”

The person in circle on the photo is my late husband, Giovanni Concha who once work with Vicor Music Corporation as A&R (Artist & Repertoire), where #AizaSeguerra is one of the home grown talent of Vicor with her blockbuster hit song “Pagdating Ng Panahon.”

Photo grab in Lorena S. Barrette facebook page.

Photo credit to Lorena S. Barrette


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