Traveling Is Always A Risk


As we travel in our destination whether going to work, school or any events gathering; we tend to ignore that we always travel and it involves a high risk in our life.

DSC_3297    DSC_3259

Sometimes, we associate traveling on vacation or out of our usual daily routine but somehow in every day of our life we always travel and we gamble to risk our fate along our journey, and we put our trust to people that we met.

It’s better to risk the hardship of traveling even sometimes you have a luxury of convenience because life is a constant change of consequences that being convenient is a fine line of not knowing the mystery of life.


Life is therefore a journey of travel that we must experience love, joy, pain, deception and lies because this will make you a better person to understand beyond the concept of being a human, and stupidity is a thin line of humility that you somehow have had a vast range of understanding one’s emotions and feeling.

“As much as we wanted to maneuver things happening in our life; especially if you have nothing to lose except your own life, the only certain is we need to survive; until we reach the far end of the road towards the bright light to shine upon our life, and to unburden our hundred folds of sorrow and solitude.”

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