Sa Anino Ng Sangandaang Buhay (The Shadow of Life Labyrinth): A Prelude of Lakwatserang Pinay’s Travelogue

Sometimes pain comes with us differently it’s either may move us forward or backward but the hardest part is to decide which path we wanted to choice.

As I stood still while in a crossroads I choice to move forward even it was too hard to understand I knew then I need to pull my life in the shadow of death.

Making that choice my life turned 360 degrees. When I stare my reflection in the mirror I see new soul in an old body. I was mesmerized. Almost a decade I was too dependent with my behalf, and as I blink my eyes I fall down my knees in the darkest alley where I see no light, it’s was a downfall of my day.

The sorrow of losing someone was unbearable to handle nor to understand; I thought a perfect life but in every fairy tale story sometimes its not a happy ending.

When I take a glance on you 10 feet below the ground my life shattered. The feeling of uneasiness was the only thing I felt, it was strange but my mind was empty and my heart full of anguish. I did not even notice that my shadow run away with me. She run too fast. I was chasing her but I don’t know where she goes. She run, run and run.

Then, I felt my body I was too tired; I cannot chase her not with my condition, I’m too thirst and I felt folding my knees with my hands and locking my head. Suddenly, I heard a step moving forward, as I look-up she stare at me she lend a hand, I get-up and pointing me on a place that she called “The Shadow of Life Labyrinth (Sa Anino Ng Sangandaang Buhay).”

dimatuba falls

Ditumabo Falls, San Luis Aurora, Philippines

As I took my first step, I didn’t notice it has been more than three years that I left my old life in order for me to survive. Sometimes, I may not know the answer to all my questions playing in my mind; I also don’t understand why I should suffer this. So many questions but the more I ask the more it was too shallow to get an answer.

All of a sudden, I pause for a while and I totally stop asking because I was surprise with the outcome of my fate or it was my destiny. My life was too good to be true, I was at the right place at the right moment that even an inch of my unfortunate event is not an accident, and I learn to embrace my new life.

As I always thought that God forsaken me but he never did he was there always right beside me. I was living in a life full of mystery. I have no doubt; that in every step my life is unending story of compassion and struggle I learn to appreciate my life and to balance the pain and joy.

My life journey from street to summit was already destined for a fulfillment of one’s dream.

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