Finding Ramiro M. Abayon the Los Pintados (2001) Filipino Artist

On my journey to San Pedro, Laguna, Philippines on 29 August 2013 I was about to meet the “Los Pintados” artist, Ramiro M. Abayon. I was surprised that art is still alive on him.

“Ramiro M. Abayon one of the Philippines award winning Filipino  artist on his time. His art work has been won and published. Abayon’s painting triggers the curiosity and fascination for tattooing or body art. Ingenuously, the entire skin becomes the blank canvas upon which the artistic impulse is unleashed. In place of paint, skin pigmentation caused by scarring or some other coloring matter.

Abayon therefore creates a painting of a painting, the same medium, by turns, absorbing and transcending the other. This is not to disregard the fact that much of the population still recoil from this practice, no matter how decorative and aesthetiscally pleasing. To them, tattooing partakes of the barbarity of body piercing, where no part of the anatomy is sacred: an abuse and desecration of the temple of the Holy Spirit.

Implicit in Abayon’s painting is the overt sexuality inherent in tattooing. Like a talisman of desire, a tattoo calls attention to its human vessel. Indeed, a tattoo evolves into a sexual fetish, an object of carnal veneration, arousing desire and triggering sexual esctasy. Finally, the flesh is instrumental in the seduction of art.”

An excerpt from the book of Philippine Morris: Philippine Art Awards

Here are Ramiro M. Abayon works or to VIEW more click here or VISIT:


Title : Los Pintados
Artist: Ramiro M. Abayon
Medium : Acrylic
Dimension : 182.5 x 183 cm.
Year : 2001

DSC_0672 DSC_0674 DSC_0680

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