Streets of Lucky Plaza, Orchard Singapore


It was a Sunday afternoon of 8 December 2013 where I headed to Orchard Road and head on to famous “Lucky Plaza” Mall where almost Filipinos are there to send remittances to their families in the Philippines. 

While walking on the streets of Orchard Road I was astonished on the strip going to Mount Elizabeth Hospital where Filipinos are gathering on a small groups as they occupied the street with Filipino food like “pancit bihon, dinuguan, dinakdakan and bico” while chatting to each other, and the streets looks-like a “picnic groove.”

Instantaneously I wanted to capture this moment that a lot of our OFW (Overseas Filipino Workers) are there and having fun in a simplest form of R&R (rest and recreation). I have visited Singapore for fifth time and my first time how Orchard Road on a Sunday looks like. I was amazed this is where the action is!

And, of course as always I’m not holding my observation and ask them, if they legally occupying the street, and without much hesitation, they told me that they are allowed to gather every Sunday which means 53 weeks is always a holiday-like for all Filipinos in Singapore to gather around, and they are not simple occupying an area but the famous Orchard Road where the biggest malls, five star hotels, the Istana Park and the Istana are located.

Our OFW are amongst the contributory factor of Philippine economy, that’s why they are considered a
“modern-day hero.”

I salute to our OFW the modern-day hero globally for their hardship, perseverance and determination.

DSC_5697 DSC_5691 DSC_5694

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