The Art of Letting Go

Losing someone special in our life either one of our family members, our loved one and most especially our spouse (or partner).

Letting go is the most basic word people told us because we need to move forward in our life but what “letting go” really means? Sometimes it’s not we don’t want to continue our life but probably “how do we start again” in our lives. Losing someone is a day-to-day battle to reason on how we need to accept that his gone — forever and will never come back in our life. They will remain in our memories that tattooed in our heart and soul with all the laughter and pain shared together.

Sometimes the most crucial things always comeback because nobody told us what “letting go” is, how to do it? because our mind was so tricky that you will end-up on the same place, eating the same food, and this will stop you for a moment that you are all alone; then sadness will strikes and even you cried out load as a lions roar nobody heard you in the full of people surrounding you, instead you stood still alone by yourself because no one never understood the pain you suffered.

That’s why you are always been haunting by your past memories and will sway you to reminiscent your togetherness. The dreams that both of you build was suddenly collapse because of the real fact that it will never come, and now, you have to build your own dream by yourself and sometimes this was the hardest part on “how to start?”

Letting go is easy to say but it’s not easy to do it because you have to fight and reason out to yourself that you are alone and you need to accept first what happen but acceptance requires determination, and you need to believe in yourself that you can do it even without your partner or someone you loved, then letting go of him will smoothly sail on the right direction. Once you look back on the years when you saw him the last time 10-feet on the ground, you will knew by then that it was not a mistake that both your lives made a detour.and heading for a different directions.

Maybe, your heart has been empty for a while but it will be filled with the memories that you have shared together. You are now at the moment pulling your life on the edge because you have come too far to survived, and on your own determine to succeed on the path that was destined for you. Sometimes the pain becomes a moving force and letting go is just a word because the real “letting go is not letting go of him instead freeing yourself” that death is inevitable.

And, the love that you have shared is the greatest thing that happen to you. The most precious gift that you have experience is you learn to loved and be loved.

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