Himig Pasasalamat Para Sa Iyo (A Thank You Song)

Salamat Sa Iyo

“This song was made 3 years ago by Pineapple Crunch featuring Vanessa of Samaria, the bands that my husband (Giovanni Concha) used to manage, your passion for music lives within me, although our life made a detour the only certain is the love that you shown me. On your 3rd year death anniversary (August 15, 2013), some of your dreams made come true although there are some twist that I made but I have gone too far and still on my way, all that I need is time to complete the whole puzzle, and I know your proud of me, you thought me to stand on my own, and doing things by myself. Thank you for everything.”

Love is the Essence of Life

Once I love, I felt it, it was a good feeling to be loved and be love. It was the love that moved me, from where I am now. I’ve been travelling from one place to another, from mountain to another mountain, and take photographs that I tattooed in my heart for memories of yesterday. The streets and mountains move my life to the edge even I felt an unrelenting pain. Sometimes pain moves us mysteriously, and the only thing you can do is to embrace the challenge of life.

Once I live, was full of dreams and passion, air filled with laughter. It was a feeling of lifetime happiness, but it was only a fantasy that will last for a certain period of time. It will unravel that there is always an end to everything.

Sometimes, you will feel alone and lonely, and yet, perhaps it was a good feeling anyways, I wish I could have you that I can share my experience, to talk with but your just simply watching me, instead I scribble everything in “your red book” in this way I am free of worry that I could hurt someone or I may not be understood. And, something I have thought myself, I wanted to be free; it was a feeling that sometimes it makes me feel good, as always life is not easy, but the way I view it, there is beauty behind every pain and sorrow.

Going to places unknown to me, I was bold enough to face the danger of living, I was not thinking but instead I am looking for an answer, I have tons of questions but all of this remains unanswered.  I don’t think too much about the future, maybe I am afraid, full of fear or I have no choice but to face the reality of life. I am afraid? Maybe, for the feeling was so strong; it strikes madness over darkness and it was amazingly insane because I was here at the moment.

For pain that I have experience, even a hundred folds of tear drops are still pouring on my eyes. I am picking my senses where it would lead me. I knew, there is always a mystery of life. I am waiting to unleash the light of my heart. I never imagine that I will be collecting beans, I was just an ordinary woman, a simple and always safe. Now, as I see myself the beast come-out and unleash the real me. I am no longer an ordinary. I am extraordinary. I embrace this. I like it. I appreciate my life now. I am different. The way I think, the way I view things. I am me, above the rest.

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