An Angel Running on the Road: Mandirigma Series


the face of a winner.

DSC_0333 DSC_0336

The mark of change will only happen if you go out of the street and fight for our freedom. For some participating in a cause oriented running event is how they can involve themselves towards change and pay honor to our modern day heroes.

Before the mark of 5km category, a 7-year old girl together with her family is preparing themselves for the run, and I knew this little girl has something to offer. She’s very focus from start to finish until the announcement of the winners. This little girl won 2nd place in 5km category the youngest among the top 5 winners.


The running family


The sisters


During the entire event, I followed her because she never shown any intimation even she is competing from teenagers to adult runners, instead she maintains her courage and determination. This running family is a portrait how dreams will motivate you while enjoying the road.


She made it!



An extreme winner


5km Top 5 winners





The sweet innocent smile of this little girl after she won; it’s like an “angel running on the road” that everything is possible if you believe in yourself, and you will felt the love and support of the family.

And, covering a running event sometimes I did not captivates them instead it’s them who captivates me beyond my lens.


Won 2nd place in 5km category

This event 300 Mandirigma: Hakbang sa pagbabago last August 4, 2013 at Philcoa, Quezon City is a run for a cause for the benefit of Golden Grip Universal Foundation, you may visit their official website to know more:

To view more photos of this event, please visit:

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