Darkness Trip To Manila

Hard to ignore… hard to fight…
hard to fill the gap of an empty heart.


Life is full of mystery
they may say… but how? why?

Hold on your grip may pull your life
a second, an hour, and so many days.

13th day a lucky day or a bad day
co-incidence or destiny.

Is death is the answer
probably yes, probably not!


The sorrow of death is inevitable
My mind keep on mumbling
The joy becomes pain
… no more laughter.

The bright sunshine cover by darkness
Sadness envelope the sky
No matter how I reach
… it will never come out.


A sad story, a love story
which end is… nothingness.

The sky torn as I mourn
and grieve… forever.


What I heard is my heart beat
and my undulate mind.

Strums… strums… strums…

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