My Beads: The Journey of My Life

As I travel the world of life,
I am picking-up each piece of my life puzzle
I discover that life without meaning
if you are not strong to conquer your misfortune.

I was told what to do or what not to do
but instead I follow my instinct even it took me long;
while I was stood still in the crossroads
confused which path I will choice.

I was moved by sorrow and solitude
sometimes you desire to end your life
for so many questions unanswered — forever.
Then, I hold my destiny build my path of life.

Somehow those questions will lead you to pursue
to survive your life while you are on your journey
you will discover that life is a balance of pain and joy.
and there is a fine line between living and dying.

For you to live in this world the farthest place
that you cannot go back is the PAST
and the nearest place that will keep
you going is your DEATH.

My beans is a recollection of my journey
even I felt an unrelenting pain
I thought myself to smile and laugh.
My greatest gift for knowing the unknown
is to appreciate and embrace life while I am here.


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