I Conquered the Skyway

Joining a running competition has not much of attraction to me but since I have started my Law school and I have not been in the mountain, and I wanted to keep myself fit and active, and to release my tension and stress due to the high demand of school activities is to run.

And yes, I’m joining my 1st running competition the “Condura Skyway Marathon 2013” and I hit the half-marathon (21km). I have no idea but I take all my chances for a half-mary because I knew I can do it. My motivation is high as a mountain although I knew it will be hard on my part since I have no previous experience of joining a running competition.

On 03 February 2013, the race begins, my only prayer is to finish the race and to receive my finisher medal, and I did it. I’ll mark my 1st half-mary running competition. Thanks to my running buddies, Cristina Zara and Andrea Camacho that we finished the race with so much fun.

The Condura Skyway Marathon is a yearly event running competition. Running enthusiast has a chance and experience in running the “Skyway.” This year Condura Skyway Marathon is a Run for the Mangroves.


My running buddies, Andrea Camacho (left) and Cristina Zara (right)


My official time in Mixed Overall Half Marathon: 03:45:04

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