The Aquino Then and Now: Election 2013

The election is over, as the Comelec are giving there partial and unofficial results the Team Pinoy are the majority winner of the Senatorial race, am I surprise with the outcome — a big NO.

This has been expected, the power and influence of the Aquino’s are unconsciously condition to our mindset. From the day of the death of Senator Benigno Aquino, Jr. down the lane of 1986 EDSA revolution, and Corazon Aquino become the President and known as the “The Mother of Philippine Democracy,” and come to her final destination, the son, Benigno Aquino III  inherited the charm and, now on his 3rd year of Presidency, and soon, a younger Aquino to join the band wagon of the national position as a Senator, Bam Aquino, on the result his on a 7th placer.

Did Filipino vote wisely? Or it was an influence of media? Or the voters received an alleged “vote buying?” The only thing I knew if these new senators and re-electionist senators shall be of service to the Filipino people and do their job as a Philippine Senator because they are the representative of the people especially the minority. The long overdue issue of poverty and corruption are still at hand, let the new set of Senators truly ready to address the issue.

Below is the photo taken during the Election Day (13 May 2013) on the street of Makati City. These kids never mind the tiredness of their body while taking a break because of a heavy downpour of rain. The smile drawn a playful face and yet they knew how hard life is. Selling “buko salad” is the extension to keep their life to survive and their families.

The Sunrise Kids of Bgry. Singkamas, Makati City, taken there break during the heavy rain (12 May 2013). These kids are selling “Buko Salad.”

The Sunrise Kids of Bgry. Singkamas, Makati City

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