A Mother’s Day Special

Today (12 May 2013), we celebrate mother’s day. This is a special day for our beloved Nanay, Mama, whatever we call them. Everybody is celebrating this day on a very festive way of showing our love and respect to our mothers for nurturing us throughout the years since we are born until even ourselves we become mothers too.

But, I wanted to share a different story of mothers day, as I passed by the Davila and Montojo streets in Makati City, I saw a different celebration, here they don’t bother to celebrate it, this are the people being left behind, people literally live in the streets.

This people are alive and busy fighting for their life to survive, children are barefoot, naked and it seems this is the only place that they knew. This people are sometimes we call them “tamad, walang pinag-aralan, anak ng anak mahirap pa sa daga, at kung anu-ano pa” na puwede natin itawag sa mga taong hindi pinalad sa buhay.

But, as I realized this people are still in the streets because they don’t have a choice. This is the only way they can survive. And, I saw banners, posters and even an extravagant campaign for tomorrow (13 May 2013) mid-term election, the money that they spend is a huge just to stay in power, but this people will never change their life because the people in the government are still the same. If we are not going to change the way we vote we are still on the same pond but different fish.

This article is my way to express what I saw and felt about them because as I remember my own mother I could say I was very fortunate that she nurture and care us even this is not an easy tasks and it’s a perpetual job.

Happy mothers day to my Nanay and to all mothers in the world.

My nanay "Asteria" with his  apo "Gab"

My nanay “Asteria” with his apo “Gab” at Glorietta, Makati City

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